You get zero experience

One thing that I really enjoy in the more modern games that are coming out is that I no longer have to deal with experience points. Having to keep track of these huge numbers for a game has always been a blight to me when trying to enjoy a game. When I ran a game I had to keep a list of who-did-what and who-gets-what and that is something that I’m happy to live without.

Not to mention that it gets rid of the pesky reward for stabbing and killing things, hopefully freeing up the players focus on the story and playing their characters.

Next time I run a game that uses experience, I’m going to house rule them out. Instead, we’ll all level up when the players and I feel it is right.

What do you think about XP? Love them or hate them?


Plot Seed: The Slave Revolution

Start the characters off as slaves who are being forced to construct a great platform to summon something unholy to Earth. In order to stop it, the players are going to have to coordinate with the rest of the slaves to start a revolt, both to gain their freedom and to stop the unholy terror from being risen.


Creature Seed: Protector of Memories

In a place where something tragic happened (such as a revolt, slave uprising, war, natural disaster, etc.) try having an artist that crafting a statue in remembrance of it. The memories of the tragic event became infused into the statue creating a great golem-like creature that exists only to preserve the memory of the event in question. If your players come along and disturb something at the site, the Protector of Memories won’t be so pleased.


State of the Sunshine

I thought I’d just catch up with everyone, let everyone know what’s been going on.

My daughter was born at the end of February. Keeping up with blogging and gaming have been neigh impossible. I tried to narrow down and write about specific things, hoping that’d make it easier to keep up with writing posts, here.

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Mechanic Seed: Freeform Magic

One thing that I’d personally like to see in fantasy/high-magic games is more freeform magic. I don’t want to be presented with a list of spells that tell me exactly what each spell does. Magic, in my mind, wouldn’t work like that.

Instead, I’d like to be offered something a little more freeform. The trick is how do you keep that balanced in a game with characters like warriors and rogues that don’t have that much freedom?

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Plot Seed: It’s Not Over, Yet…

This Plot Seed was inspired by Dean Knootz’s Frankenstein Quintet.

Take a famous or classic book or series. For the purpose of your game’s story, pretend the book/series is a biography instead of fiction. Tweak a few things, as needed;

  1. Even though the book is nonfiction, the vast majority of the world believes it is fiction.
  2. If any primary characters died, such as the villain, the villain didn’t actually die. The author just believed that character died.

What is the villain up to, now?


Dungeons and Drama

So, if you’ve been lurking around my blog for long – or know me personally – you’ll probably have noticed that I have offered Dungeons and Dragons its fair share of lip service over the last few years. There is a reason for that, and it’s not because I like to bash your game. (Okay, it’s a little bit because I like to bash your game.)

One of the reasons I do this is because D&D, by its very nature, is a very focused game. All the evidence you need is in the rule books. Did you notice that roughly 3/4 of the rules are about combat? The rules are focused there because that is exactly where the designers wanted the game to be focused.

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