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One thing that I really enjoy in the more modern games that are coming out is that I no longer have to deal with experience points. Having to keep track of these huge numbers for a game has always been a blight to me when trying to enjoy a game. When I ran a game I had to keep a list of who-did-what and who-gets-what and that is something that I’m happy to live without.

Not to mention that it gets rid of the pesky reward for stabbing and killing things, hopefully freeing up the players focus on the story and playing their characters.

Next time I run a game that uses experience, I’m going to house rule them out. Instead, we’ll all level up when the players and I feel it is right.

What do you think about XP? Love them or hate them?


5 thoughts on “You get zero experience

  1. As a GM, Keys are wonderful things. It drops the levels of XP down to manageable levels, and also puts the gaining of XP in the player’s hands. The Milestones in Marvel are examples of Keys (I’m sure you’re aware of this).

    I like character growth. If there’s a way to grow without XP, ala Smallville, I dig it.

  2. I like xp. If the characters fail to finish an adventure in one evening, or even if they end up in the middle of an adventure than spans many play nights, I can give them xp so they feel as if they are making some progress. For the same reason I like xp as a player. Its gives me a sense of progression even if my character doesn’t gain a new level and all the perks that come with leveling.

  3. I hate ‘em. I haven’t really used them in 10 years, starting with my last 2E campaign, and the entirety of the run of 3.X in my group. In fact, just recently, I wrote about my no-XP house rule on my blog.

  4. There are very few games I run that have levels, so without a few points a session to be saved up and used towards skill advances, the characters would be essentially static. That’s not much for the players, and as a GM I like to see them grow and change through their experiences too, sometimes in ways I never expected.

  5. You could use a dual XP/Bonus Point(A la Karma in shadowrun) system.

    You get XP for killing things and completing goals, and you get Bonus Points for leveling and achieving things.

    So if you complete a campaign, instead of XP, you get 5 Bonus Points, or however many you get for levelling(so it feels like a sort of insta-level)

    You would also get bonus points for advancing the storyline of your character, and perhaps a special bonus you select permanantly, ie cracking everyone at the table up or being chivalrous.(To suit the style of the character, because then you are slotting them into a personality.

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