Mechanic Seed: Elemental Magic

Determine the basic concept of your character

  • Profession
  • Two likes
  • Two dislikes
  • Physique
  • Personality

Distribute 8 points among your character’s elemental sources, determining your character’s aptitude with each magickal element. No source may be greater than 5 and having a source at 5 costs 6 points instead of 5.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Spirit

Distribute 10 points among your character’s values. No value may be greater than 5 and having a value at 5 costs 6 points instead of 5.

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Honor
  • Peace

Create your character’s aspects.

  • Concept: Or “defining aspect.” Sum up your character in a short phrase.
  • Creedo: Sum up what your character believes in a short phrase.
  • Origin: Sum up your character’s roots in a short phrase.
  • Ambition: Sum up your character’s goal in a short phrase.
  • Distinction: Sum up your character’s greatest assest in a short phrase.
  • Power Binding: Sum up the tool your character uses to channel his/her magickal energies.


  • Your character starts with one drama point.
  • Your character starts with one mana.

Drama Points

Spend a drama point to…

  • Invoke an aspect and gain a +2 to a roll.
  • Gain 1 mana once per scene.
Earn a drama point when…

  • You compel an aspect for a -2 to a roll.
  • The GM compels your aspect.



  • Spend a mana to gain a power surge to increase the effectiveness of your magick for one action. You gain a +3 to your roll involving that magickal effect.
  • You recharge 1 mana at the end of each scene.
  • You cannot have more than 3 mana.
  • You can recharge 1 mana.

Dice Rolls

  • Base die roll for using magick: 3d6 + Element
  • Base die roll for everything else: 3d6 + Value
  • Increase the result by 1 if any of your character basics apply (profession, likes, dislikes, physique or personality.)
  • Increase the result by 2 by spending a drama point to invoke an aspect.
  • Decrease the result by 2 by earning a drama point to self-compel an aspect.



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